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Hello, my name is Richard Dorman and I am the owner of RLD Services. My passion for Construction, Design and Quality has spanned 30 years. This slightly faded photo is one of my first “paying” construction projects that I completed in 1985. The photo below is of a custom fence I constructed for a family friend who was looking for “Anything but a standard cedar fence”. I made some sketches and the customer decided to go with a heavy cedar and lattice look. I spared no detail when building the fence and its visibility in the neighborhood generated multiple leads and this single fence became the springboard for my construction business. It was this early lesson in my career that taught me that meeting and exceeding my customer’s expectations would lead to recommendations and larger and more challenging projects.


One of my first projects, circa 1982.

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Technology has changed a lot since my first project in 1982. Today specialized software makes it possible to create Photo-Realistic 3D Rendering to create models that can provide a realistic visualization of what a project will look like when completed. RLD Services can help capture your vision and translate it to Photo-Realistic Renderings and Construction Drawings that can be used to proof your design ideas before beginning construction. These renderings can also be used to Visually Communicate your expectations to your Contractor. We also provide Pre-Construction Services such as Budgeting, Scheduling, Recommending Contractors and Completion Project Management.

We will work with you and your contractor to create room designs and construction drawings that communicate your vision and provide valuable information that will Reduce Confusion, Control Cost and Reduce Build Time.

Shouldn’t you know what your project is going to look like before building it? 

3D Rendering and Creating Models of Your Home Improvements is Fast Fun and Affordable 

Remodeling a kitchen or updating a bathroom can be a stressful experience. There are so many unknowns and variables that can lead to an undesired outcome or added cost. 

Using Pre-Construction methods including 3D Rendering and modeling can reduce the unknowns and eliminate the confusion that typically exist between Homeowner and Contractor. This in turn reduces cost and speeds up project completion. The customer is totally in charge of the design process. You pick the materials paint colors tile selections and flooring and we package it so you can see if the design meets your expectations.

The process to create the models utilized state of the are architectural software that speeds up he process a we can typically complete a design including the site visit within 48 hours.